OM GANESHAYA FOOD AND BEVERAGES PRIVATE LIMITED is a Corporate House in the F&B industry since 2005 and owns 9 F&B Brands, which are :

Chaat Lounge (Now 4 Years Old)
(Born on November 3rd 2014 at Bilaspur, Chattisgarh)

Veg Snacks Concept, serving the best of Mumbai, Delhi & Rajashtani Chaat Items, Pav Bhaji, Parathas, Vada Pav, Tawa Pulav, Chole Bhature, South Indian Cuisine, Chinese Cuisine & North Indian Cuisine.

Shawarma Lounge
Veg & Non-Veg Concept serving Arabian, Turkish & Indian Cuisine
(BAHRAIN's favourite Shawarma since 2016)

Grilled and Fried
Serving Veg & Non-Veg Cuisines with Grilled and Fried Chicken, Fish & Prawns specialties.

Indo Oriental Lounge
Veg & Non-Veg Concept of Indian Cuisine & Chinese Cuisine.

Indo Chinese Lounge
Pure Vegetarian Concept of Indian Cuisine & Chinese Cuisine.

Juice Lounge
It is successfully running juice bars across 27+ Cities of India and Abroad. Juice Lounge Juice Bar was lauched at Bahrain in 2017!

Serving Mumbai Street Food specialties.
(Website is getting updated)

Southern Lounge
South Indian Specialties like Idli, Dosas & Uttapams etc.
(Website is getting updated)

Global Food Court
A mix of all our 8 brands. The first food court franchise concept. We can also create a Pure Vegetarian Food Court with 10-15 F&B Counters. We can provide the entire team to run the food court as well as manage it.

Why Chaat Lounge?

Every franchisee needs a successful franchisor. And as one of the fastest growing fast food / QSR chains, CHAAT LOUNGE is what you’re looking for.

Today dishes like Pani Puri, Sev Puri, Ragda Pattice, Chole Bhature, Pav Bhaji, Parathas, Samosas, Vada Pav, Tawa Pulav, Chole Bhature, South Indian Cuisine, Chinese Cuisine & North Indian Cuisine have a tremendous demand and are the most accepted fast food concepts and gain maximum turnover in the FOOD INDUSTRY. Under Chaat Lounge you get to serve all of the above under one roof.

Chaat Snacks are doing flourishing business in every corner of India and great opportunity for the entire world!

Chaat Lounge is growing because of taste. We spent more than 5 years perfecting the recipe of each and every chaat variety available in India. People like Pav Bhaji of Mumbai, we made it better; The Aloo Tikki of Delhi is famous and we improved it with our secret ingredients, we made the Rajasthani Chaat more delecious with our spices.

At Chaat Lounge we source our own Spices and Herbs, which further enhance the taste of our food. All the spices are sourced directly, cleaned & grounded with authentic Indian techniques, and sealed in Air Tight packaging at our Master Kitchen in Mumbai, India and these Premix Packets are then supplied to all our franchise stores. Thus all masalas / spices come from us, which is the core reason why the taste is same across all stores.

Chaat Lounge is a safe business, because no one knows the secret ingredients of our famous recipies. Right from making the Pani Puri Water to Ragda, or Vada Pav or Green Chatney or Sweet Red Chatney, all the premixes are coming from Mumbai and the staff is only taught to use the Premix packets, thus the business is always secure for the franchisee and he never has to worry about the competition.

We can make you become a part of this flourishing business even though you are Fresher / Beginner in the F&B industry.

If you take the full menu of Chaat Lounge (from Menu A to Menu H) then we can provide the entire staff and kitchen team to you with a Manager, Call us now to know more.

Why We Stand Apart

It's a unique mix of Delhi, Mumbai & Rajasthani Chaat items, South Indian Cuisine, Chinese Cuisine & North Indian Cuisine under one roof.

The Design and Interiors of the OTC / Mall Counter / Quick Service Restaurant / Lounge are unique.

There are very few brands in this segment thus giving you an upper hand to start a high profit venture in minimum cost.

Compared to other brands, starting a Chaat Lounge franchise is almost 60% less in franchisee fee, setup cost, & even royalty thus if your investment is less, ROI(Return On Investment) is way sooner! This is a low investment high return on investment food franchise

This is a PURE VEGETARIAN concept, again it makes our place unique and more widely acceptable.

We have the best Menu in the segment as we have handpicked the traditional recipes of Rajasthani, Delhi & Mumbai Chaats, South Indian Cuisine, Chinese Cuisine & North Indian Cuisine and further enhanced them in taste & presentation. And we are serving them in the most hygienic & friendly environments.